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15p.co.uk is the best online marketplace where individuals and businesses can list items for sale. We provide our sellers with a free online store and shopping cart. 15p.co.uk is the first online website offering new way of selling without monthly fees. This helps reduce overhead costs for sellers and in turn, provides shoppers with lower prices.

There are many online websites offering you the same service, but which one are the best for your business?

Before you choose a marketplace to sell your products, it’s important to understand the various fees that you’ll be charged. To be 100% sure that you still be profitable when you sell something and then pay the marketplace fees.

You can quickly and easily compare the various features of the top marketplaces, side by side.

Compare Fees & Pricing
ldjkl 15p
Seller Verification Fee £0 £0
Final Value Fee 10% 7% - 25%
Listing Fee (private sellers) £0.35 each.
20 listings for FREE
£0 - Basic -You can sell only 35 items a month
Store Subscription Fees Basic Store - £17.38
Featured Store - £52.17
Anchor Store - £217.38
Pro - £25
Receiving payments from
buyer after transaction
Between 14 - 21 days Between 20 - 25 days

Summing, this example should give you a general idea of how profitable is sale on 15p.co.uk marketplace.

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